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Employability Skills

Employability Skills – Ms. Suchitra Surve, in this episode, speaks on a common problem heard from students, individuals, working professionals, educational institutes and corporate that is, today’s youth is not employable due to lack of employability skills. Seeking admission to a course or a college is the first step, and bond to learn the theory. But what, how and where are you going to apply these skills, that is, where employability skills play the key role. Recruiters and Organizations today are looking at people who are just more than theory, who can bring with them their own identity, creative thinking and also identify how they can add value to the process or the service that the organization is offering.

More and more students are completing their education, to gain a competitive advantage, it is essential to be equipped with employability skills. These employability skills will define you and give you first mover’s advantage. In organizations, nowadays, there is a process laid down, people know how to use it. Finally, they need people with employability skills to take their products or services to the next level. While recruiting the recruiters are looking at some specific skills. You will not get this information in any textbook, but it’s more of a training, observation, development, and improvement.

The practice is essential in employability skills. Try to identify the areas where you lack, take professional help to work and improve in these areas. Don’t just join random classes, it’s more to do with your personalized needs and the interventions required thereof. Focus on yourself on the skills that you need to develop to be more employable; even if you decide to be an entrepreneur, employability skills are going to be useful to you to move ahead. Understanding the need and importance’s, Growth Centre and Career Growth channel, already has some videos covering these topics, and few more will come up in the future.