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Understanding Liberal Arts and Fine Arts

A common confusion between Students and Parents about the types of Arts – Humanities, Liberal, Fine and Performing fields exists. In this episode, Ms. Swati Salunkhe talks about the difference between the above fields. Liberal Arts include Humanities, Sciences, and Creative areas. There are various branches are Languages, Literature, Economics, English, Social sciences, Art History, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer sciences, Biology, Physics. Since Liberal is an interdisciplinary field the scope is huge. It connects Maths to Language and Sciences to Humanities. It includes range of career options like Journalism, Public Relations, Economics, Businesses, Sales, Management and Humanities. The areas of work are in Academics, Theater, Music, Media, Publishing Houses, NGOs and Government sector.

What is Fine Arts?

It include Painting, Sculpting and Drawing and Dancing, Music and Theater. In some universities Dancing, Music and Theater are considered. It is a creative field one can make a career in Films and Television, Arts studios, Music Companies, Theater and Interior Decorators. The areas of work include Production houses, Academics, Planning structures and Radio channels. This field is not limited to Drawing or Painting. The more creative you are the more scope you have in it.