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How to Study Smart Not Hard

Learning is a lifelong process. To learn one had to study. Choose to study smart Mugdha Shetye adds that the major concerns during studies that students face inability to concentrate, difficulty in remembering long answers or recollect formulae, theorem, Equations and history dates.

Tips To Study Smart

The tips to overcome these concerns are to ask four basic questions that is “What?”, “Where?”, “When?” and “How?” The first suggestion she gives is to avoid distraction and be in a quiet place to study. She adds that one has to identify the subjects as per your interest and difficulty level to study. Identify the best time as per your body clock to learn the new concept correctly. Approach the studies with a positive frame of mind. Try to understand the topic and avoid rote learning, make time and practice past year paper. Highlight or underline important points while studying so last minute revision would become easier. Most important ensure that you have balance diet and sound sleep along with studies. Study smart – make the best use of your time.