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Tips & Tricks to Excel in a Group Discussion

Ms. Suchitra Surve is talking about the important tips useful for group discussion. GD is not supposed to be a debate; one has to discuss their points and opinions assertively. GD assesses how you perform in a group in a simulated environment. Generally, the group size for GD can be 8 to 10 candidates and two to three panelist. The duration of the GD will be 15 to 20 minutes. GD assesses the communication skills, group skills, creative thinking leader ship skills and language skills.

Importance of Group Discussion

Generally, one topic will be given for the GD; at times they may give you more than one topic for the GD. There are times during the GD they give a case study to the candidates to discuss regarding the same. Candidates should keep in mind that they should participate continuously in the GD. Speak politely, keep patience, give facts and figures only where it is relevant.