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Fashion Designing

What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion Designing is concerned with creating innovative and inspiring garments that enhance personality and character of individuals. Their work involves not just creating new styles of clothing and accessories, but they are also responsible for the execution of their ideas and designs, co-ordinating with tailors and cutters, preparing final drawings for presentation, fabric selection and co-ordination of the lines, keeping the latest trends in mind. The creation of a world market for Indian garments is largely the contribution of Indian fashion designers.

When Can I Enroll for Fashion Designing?





Certificate/Diploma [Fashion Designing/ Technology]

SSC / HSC / Graduation [any stream]

1 – 3 Yrs.

Autonomous Exam

BFA/ B.Sc / Bachelor of Designing [Fashion Designing] / Bachelor of Fashion Technology

HSC [any stream]

3 Yrs.

UG-CAT, UG-GAT, Autonomous Exam

Post Graduate Diploma /MFA [Fashion Designing] / Masters of Fashion Technology / Masters of Fashion Management

Bachelor’s Degree / Diploma [in related field]

2 – 2 ½ Yrs.

Autonomous Exam


Post Graduation Degree in the relevant area of Design, Management or Technology (or) equivalent qualification from an institute/ university of national/ international repute with minimum 7 years of education after secondary (Class X) last of which was the Master’s degree.

5-7 Yrs.

Autonomous Exam

Note: UG CAT – Under Graduate Creative Ability Test, UG GAT – Under Graduate General Ability Test

What Personality Traits are Required to Become a Fashion Designer?

  • Aesthetic Sense
  • A good hand at sketching
  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication Skills
  • Perseverance
  • Aware of New Trends
  • Excellent Imagination
  • Understanding the Market & Customer’s requirement

What Aptitude is Required to Become a Fashion Designer?

  • High Abstract Reasoning
  • High Spatial Reasoning
  • High Closure Ability
  • High Psychomotor Ability
  • Average/Above Average/ High Numerical Ability

IQ Required for Being a Fashion Designer?

  • Minimum Above Average/ High range of Intelligence along with hard work and consistency preferred.
  • More than intelligence level, creativity & innovation play a vital role.

Job Prospects for Fashion Designer

  • Textile Manufacturers
  • Fashion Shows Organizers
  • Fashion Publishers
  • Fashion Houses
  • TV / Film / Fashion Industry
  • Fashion Consultants
  • Boutiques/Fashion Showrooms
  • Freelance Designers
  • Fashion Journalist

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