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Dealing With Rejection From Foreign Universities

Ms.Kunjal Sakhrani speaks about how to deal with rejection from universities abroad. Receiving an offer is of course, joyous. But what if you get a letter of regret instead? It can be upsetting and disappointing, but not the end of the world. Here are some tips to help you get through this stressful period: Always keep your options open: Don’t apply to just one university or to only high ranked universities. Admissions committee do not control your future: Only you can do that! Yes, you may not get admitted to your favorite university, but everything does NOT end there. React in whichever way you feel is right: Talk to someone. Give yourself some time, deal with it and move on!!: Many universities provide an explanation for rejection. It is not necessary that you were rejected because of low grades/scores. It could be as simple as not mentioning important details or not attaching a vital document. Knowing the reason will help in improving your future applications. Some universities may put you on a “waiting list”: This is NOT the same as rejection. Update your profile if possible. Draw attention to anything positive you have done since submitting the application: Admission panels don’t just look at scores, essay, SOP, etc; they also look at a student’s background and whether you are a good fit for the college. Always have a Plan B: You should know what to do in case of a rejection. You can consider studying in India or look for a job here. You can also consider applying again for the next intake with a better profile.