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Choosing High-paying Job Vs Passion

In this episode Ms. Suchitra Surve clears the confusion between Job vs Passion. Everyone is excited about when they will get their first Job. But later when they are in the Job they feel this is not what their Passion is or this not what they wanted to do. People generally believe that to take up a Job it means working for someone else, Obeying others instructions, it’s a Compulsion and it’s not your Choice or you are Following orders. She mentions that Job demands one to be Disciplined, Listening to others not authorities necessarily and Working within a Team. Job is basically an opportunity where you are using your Skills, Knowledge and Education.

“Job vs Passion” : What’s your choice?

Passion is something that is internal and you can identify it by exploring yourself. Popular myths relate to passion to creative fields; it gives you full freedom as there are no rules to be followed. She also talks about that Passion demands Resilience, Patience, Risk taking, Conviction in your Skills and Potential and also be ready to overcome the Challenges. Job and Passion are not two different things. We need to accept the Realities and be Innovative and bring the change in the processes without breaking the processes. Also one needs to keep on upgrading oneself, focus internally and not compare oneself with others.