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Career in Mechanical Engineering

Career in Mechanical Engineering – A number of times when asked, what you are going to be? to students, the immediate answer is Engineering, loads of students, parents especially the youngsters are attracted to the field of Mechanical Engineering. The next question is which branch in engineering? Some may not be sure while few may turn up saying Mechanical Engineering. Mrs. Swati Salunke talks on Mechanical engineering being the oldest branch of Engineering.

Mechanical engineering is concerned with all types of machinery in the industries and all type of their mechanism and functions. It includes the design, the development, the construction, the production, the installation, the operation, as well as the maintenance, along with the working into the components of the Thermal Power Stations, Internal Combustion Engines, Jet Engines, Machines Tools, Air Conditions, Heating Machines, Refrigeration, etc. They not only design and create new products, but also develop materials for them and also ways of making them. Mechanical engineers use the application of laws, and principles of Physics, to analyse design, manufacture, and maintain the mechanical systems.

Mechanical engineers use the code principles, as well as knowledge in the field to design and analyse motor vehicles, aircrafts, heating and cooling systems, Water craft manufacturing plants, industrial equipment’s, machinery, robotics, medical devices, and it can go on and on. The development, the design and the maintenance, revolves around mechanical engineering. To get in to the competitive branch of mechanical engineering one can get in to Diploma after class 10th, or after class 12th in science with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You need to clear the relevant entrance exam to seek admission in B. E. or B.Tech. As lots of integrated programmes are also available, one can opt for an integrated Masters programme after class 12th.

A lot of students after completing Diploma would opt for a lateral entry in the second year of engineering. One can also go for M.E/ M.Tech., and Ph.D. further on. Mechanical engineering revolves around science, where in your base or the core has to be physics and mathematics. For mechanical engineering certain personality traits are equally important. A scientific bent of mind is required, with loads of patience’s and perseverance, an alert mind, a sound hand in technical drawings, excellent communication skills, and a readiness to work in team. One has to be a creative as well as critical thinker in engineering field. Mechanical engineering isn’t just about machines or a monotonous job; it’s about problem solving, creativity, a critical thinker and a keen observer.

There are immense Job opportunities available. Mechanical engineers, Research, design, develop, manufacture, test tools, engines, machines and all other mechanical devices, hence the work area is all over. Mechanical engineers design automobiles, truck, airplanes, trains, tractors for food productions, inter planetary space vehicles, copying machines, fax machines, staplers, mechanical pencils used in the office, lathes, milling machines, grinders, and drill pressures used in the manufacture of goods. Mechanical engineers find application in all fields of technology. These engineers are required in automobile, Chemical, electronics, steel plants, oil exploration, Refining, technical wings of arm forces, space research organization. Several government departments including post and telegraphs, defence, PWD also employ mechanical engineers. Also Aeronautical, Agricultural, Automobile, Chemical Power Plants, need mechanical engineers to design and maintain their machinery. In agricultural sector too, mechanical engineers play a vital role by establishing service centres, for maintenance of tractors, oil engines, pump sets, electric motors and other agricultural equipment’s.

Mechanical engineers have several job opportunities in Marine Engineering too. After undergoing the basic Pre-Sea training programmes, or studying marine engineering or Nautical sciences course they can join as engine cadets or marine engineers or even as Navigating officers. So one can say Mechanical engineers are truly required for making a new world for the entire human kind. A challenging field which gives an ample scope for a lot of creative stuff, as well as solving the problems of lots of machines and tools in all the sectors across industries.