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Career in Mechatronics

Career in Mechatronics – Salunkhe talks about a different, new and challenging branch of engineering Mechatronics. From Computer hard drives to washing machines to medical devices to coffee machines, it is all round us. Mechatronics is a design process that includes a combination of mechanical, electrical, telecommunication, and computer engineering. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering. It is one of the most dynamic developing fields of technology and science. Examples of Mechatronics systems are robots, digitally controlled combustion engines, machine tools with self adaptive tools, contact free magnetic bearings and automated guided vehicles. The striking example of Mechatronics is the development of the Mars rover used by NASA to take samples and photographs of the Martian surface. To enter the field one need to be from Science stream in class 10th and 12th with Physics, chemistry, Maths and biology subjects. Very few universities offer Bachelor’s course in Mechatronics.

Being a specialized subject, it is mostly offered at Masters level and then one can do Ph.D. It is a multi disciplinary field, so one can enter the field after doing mechanical Engineering or electronics engineering and have Mechatronics as specialization at Masters level. With the required education qualification one also needs to have certain skills sets like scientific bent of mind, strong numerical ability, critical thinking, analytical ability and problem solving skills. One can get find opportunities in the field of IT, Education, system control, Quality control department, system control, Defense, and Artificial intelligence. The areas of the work can be related to designing, research and development, manufacturing, and safety and quality.

The job roles or designation can be of system engineer, application engineer, Product development engineer, quality and safety engineer or project support supervisor and mangers. There is ample amount of scope for individuals who are interested in making new and different things and also taking challenges of mechanics and electronics and make something new.