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Career in Electrical Engineering

Career in Electrical Engineering – Engineering one of the most coveted branches; which people want to know about a lot more. So many branches, fields and different applications. In this episode Ms. Swati Salunkhe talks about the branch Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a broad field of engineering which deals with science and technology, involving electricity, electronics and electromagnetism, to design construct and maintains products, services and information systems. This is that branch of engineering that covers traditional areas like generation, distribution and transmission of electricity as well as new age applications in electronics ranging from telecommunications to computers and microprocessors.

To get into Electrical Engineering you can opt for a diploma program or after class 12th in Science with Physics Chemistry and Mathematics and after clearing relevant entrance exam you can opt for either B.E or B. Tech Programme. The Lateral Entry scheme is present for this branch of engineering too. So after Diploma you can get into 2nd year of Engineering, followed by Masters and then Ph.D. Programme. Education Qualification is one part of becoming an engineer, but it requires more than that. Scientific bent of mind is definitely the need for becoming an Electrical engineering followed by good communication skills, technical drawing, problem solving attitude.

There are number of job prospects for electrical engineer like Information technology industry, Petroleum and energy sector, Public & Private Sector, Teaching, Telecommunications industry and aerospace industry. Electrical engineering is also an important branch of engineering and offers ample scope for students with good Mathematics and Physics background. Keep this branch in mind when opting for the engineering branches.