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Tips to Deal With Exam Stress

Exams are important part of Education and also a source of stress or anxiety for many students. In this episode Ms. Mugdha Shetye has spoken about Exam Anxiety even known as Exam Stress. Exams are part and parcel of life and a stepping stone in career. Reasons for Exam Stress can be due to lack of interest in studies, lack of preparation, fear or distractions. Symptoms of being anxious are of two types; Physiological Symptoms like increased heartbeats, increased sleep, change in appetite, or unclear mind and psychological symptoms like lack of concentration, forgetting, and negative thoughts.

Overcoming exam stress

To overcome exam stress or exam anxiety one needs to have a positive frame of mind while studying. She emphasizes on the fact that it is important to understand and learn and not just study by rote method. Highlight the main points which can be useful for last minute revisions. Review your past performance and plan your studies and be organized. Make use of relaxation techniques when you feel nervous. Most important is take care of your health and have proper sleep. Work hard and be confident.