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Scored Less in Entrance Exams

Board Exams are over and results are soon going to be out. But the common thing that comes to everyone’s mind is what will be the scores in entrance exams and what if the scores are less. In this episode Suchitra Surve answers some of the FAQs if one has scored less in entrance exams. Low scores can have two meanings one that students have not scored minimum marks in the entrance exam and another would not scoring enough to seek admission in the desired institutes. Low scores in entrance exam do not indicate lack of potentials. Students should choose recognized college by the right recognizing body and authority.

Another dilemma is whether to drop a year and reappear for the entrance exam. It depends on case to case as it depends on one’s priority, desire, and passion to be in that field. One also needs to be practical and figure out what one is going to give up. Secondly before reappearing one need to take objectively view oneself and understand why you were not able to score well, was it because preparation was not enough or concepts were not clear. Once you have an answer for that and your priorities set in terms of time and passion then one can find the answer for oneself. Given the fact, students do take a drop and prepare again. In this case, one needs to be updated about the field one is planning to enter in or get equipped with the soft skills or technical skills which refresh you and gives you a little bit of change. Sometimes the only route to enter the field is through entrance if it is so then you can take a drop or the other option is to enter the field at post graduation level. So one needs to try and figure out are there many alternative ways to enter the field if so then there is no harm but if entrance exams are the only way then see to it that one gets the right score in the entrance exam or while reappearing.