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College Selection Criterion After 10th

College Selection Criterion After 10thThe current class 10 batch, which will be soon joining college is disappointed as, their dream of being in college and leading a college life seems to have postponed. The dream of going to college, making new friends, enjoying the freedom, spending time on campus, exploring the youth life, travel – everything seems to have come to a standstill. They know that this year too life will be online… and it is not as fun as they imagined. This scenario has also affected the career choices of many.

The big question of which college to join has gained more prominence. Apart from the regular factors affecting college, this year, the choice seems to be more inclined towards ‘where my friends are applying’ concept. The reason – at least we can increase of our chances of having our old friends as our classmates. Connecting online in itself is a major challenge, let alone the concept of making new friends. With small frames, unclear videos, connectivity issues and constantly changing DP’s it is certainly a big issue to figure out with whom one can be friends. Without meeting someone face to face, not being aware of the similarities in tastes or not being able to connect with someone; can definitely prolong and complicate the whole process of making friends.

Here are some ways students can start making friends online:
• Every educational institute uses online platforms which are safe for their students; various messaging apps that are now available can help students to remain connected with their new friends. Here, students should remind themselves on that is possible to safely connect with people on online platforms too.
• Always use official and accepted platforms to connect with someone new.
• Various social media and gaming platforms are safe and can be accessed by college going students, where like minded can join. Yes, they may certainly not be able to replace the experience of ‘hanging out’, but can certainly make up for the need to have friends, spending time with them thus make life-long friends.
• Speaking over the phone or a video call is a great way to start the connection.
• Once the college starts, students need to start being active online participate regularly for making their presence felt. If students sit back and relax, they may lose out on the opportunity to connect.
• Joining online clubs or volunteer organizations or extra-curricular activities group, is recommended in order to be with like minded people.
• Find out where your online friends are located, if they are near your location, then you can certainly meet up keep in mind all the rules of social distancing.
• Students should ensure that the online safety rules are followed and proper care is taken before befriending or accepting friend requests online.

In the current uncertain scenario, students need to bear in mind this may be a temporary phase and soon [though no one knows the exact date] they will be on campus making the most of their college life. Do not let this one factor influence your college choice and thereby your career and life as whole. Remember, you will always have ample opportunities to make friends, so right now let the right reasons drive you towards the right college.