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Personal Interview Questions & How to Answer

Ms. Suchitra Surve gives you tips for acing a personal interviews. An interview is an interaction between the employer and a potential employee. It is conducted to know about you and your personality, functional and technical skills. There are different types of interviews – one on one, group, HR or behavioral, stress, technical and functional. There may be many rounds of interview and the duration of each round may vary. At times there is a possibility of a Skype interviews. While giving a skype interviews though you are at home you need to give your best. You have to be formally dressed, arrive early for the interviews, always carry a resume for an interview also carry all relevant documents.

How To Answer Personal Interview

Always keep in mind, to be honest, and give precise answers during an interviews. Make sure you concentrate and listen to the question well and then answer to the point. Be aware of your body language as it is important. Hope these points are helpful for preparing your interviews.