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Tips for Traveling Abroad

Ms. Kunjal Sakhrani talks about the tips to remember while traveling abroad as a student. You must ensure that your visa, passport and all the university’s paperwork are in order and that you keep two copies of your passport, visa and the offer letter in your hand baggage. Check how much luggage you are allowed to carry and make sure that you keep some clothes and essential toiletries in your hand baggage. Get medical checkups done early and be at the airport on time. It is important that you have a medical insurance before you leave and you must carry enough cash in the appropriate currency to last for at least 1 month. Read about the laws and customs of the country you are going to and if you are going to work part-time then ensure that you know the laws applicable to that too. Once you are at university, keep in touch with the International Students Office and keep all emergency contact numbers with you.