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Importance of Mix ’n’ Match Courses

The Power of Mix ‘n’ Match Courses

Importance of Mix ’n’ Match Courses, Match CoursesWe come across so many combinations for eg. a B.A.[History]+ Computer course & working in the HR department of a Company or a B. Sc in Zoology and working in the marketing department of a Company and many more such ones wherein the course studied is entirely different to the work or the industry.

Like these, there are quite a number of such ‘mismatches’ in the sense that completed a Graduation in one subject & now landed up in a job area totally unrelated to their field of study. The reasons for such a ‘mix’ may be reasoned out in a number of ways but that brings into picture one of the most important aspects i.e. Why not study of such a course that may be totally/ partially related to the job arena? I am not talking of Job-Oriented Courses here. What I am trying to put forth is the importance of taking up such a course that brings out a competitive edge over the others. Well, I am talking about Related’ or ‘Combination’ Courses.

Why take up ‘Related’ or ‘Combination’ Courses:

Firstly, to survive in the fiercely competitive world.

Gone are the days when people bagged with a Graduation degree landed good jobs. Courtesy of the ever-growing population a person with 2/3 related combination courses has a better chance of survival in any Company. In the era of the ‘Hire & Fire’ policy such people tend to survive in the Company as the Company can make the most of it through multi-talented people rather than someone with just one qualification. For example today knowledge of computers is no longer looked upon as an additional educational qualification but it is a required qualification in any industry.

Inter-related topics/courses will always prove more beneficial than studying one topic totally unrelated to work.

As mentioned in the earlier paragraph the disadvantageous of unrelated courses. Interdisciplinary go along way in charting out a successful career for the individual.

It gives added advantage as the knowledge of one topic forms the basis of the other one.

An interrelated course will always have an advantage as the knowledge of one course can be applied in the working of the other. For e.g. a sound knowledge of one language [say Marathi] and a journalism course are advantageous in their own way. As the base is strong working on the matter becomes more easy and quick. The knowledge of one course is easily applied to the functioning of the other course.

One becomes the ‘Jack of All and Master of One to fit in the rat race.

As against the proverb ‘jack of trades & master on none’ today’s world asks for ‘jack of all trades & master of one’

As the knowledge is in depth, there can be objective analysis, sound planning, and better performance results.

Sound knowledge of the subject, the industry, the consumer trends, and so on gives an individual upward mobility with respect to personal & professional growth. As the understanding is in-depth there is less room for complaints, frustrations, misunderstandings, and a laid-back attitude.

There could be a feeling of being ‘DIFFERENT’ and ‘KNOWLEDGEABLE’.

With all the above factors a person has a niche over the others. Such a person knows the intricacies and also works towards arriving at better solutions. The market value of such a person is far above any mediocre performer. S/he has a good career growth.

Instead of studying as per the TREND by pursuing the course best suited to one’s interest, work front, intelligence, and so on you can ‘mark’ your difference in the Company/ industry. Use the energy towards the course that is more concrete and will fetch you long-term benefits.

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