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Geography as a Career Option

Ms. Mugdha Shetye speaks about taking up Geography as a career. Geography is the field where one gets to study different countries charting their maps, understand climatic conditions, the influence of lifestyle and also understanding the various locations of forest, rivers, and people of that region. Geography is the science of earth and geographers are scientists who study about the different branches of geography like physical geography, environmental geography, and human geography. The specializations in Geography include Cartography, Survey, Urban and Regional planning, town planning and remote sensing. The course covers subjects like environment, agriculture, ocean, physical features of the earth, natural resources etc.  Patience and perseverance, communication skills, adaptability, ability to work for long hours in the field and analytical skills are some of the skill set required to be in this field. In the age of satellite technology and GIS, multiple career options in fields like transportation, Environmental sciences, Airline and shipping route planning, civil services, cartography, satellite technology, population council, meteorology department, disaster management are waiting for qualified and able geographers. One can also work in NGO’s or development agencies engaged in population studies, rural development and environmental issues. Teaching in schools/colleges/universities and in private sector organizations using GIS and Remote sensing technology are also good options for geographers.