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Career Options in Ethical Hacking

Digitization is widely used now days everywhere and by everyone and so is the concern of the security of the same. In this episode, Ms. Chandani Kapoor talks about ethical hacking. Breaking into computer systems once was a pass time for geeks, now it has become a full-fledged career option know as ethical hacking. Although hacking is an offense, it is considered ethical only when it is done under a contract between the hacker and the company. An ethical hacker is someone who hacks the computer systems and makes them penetration proof. Network hacker, Website hacker, security hacker, and email hacker are some of the types of hackers. Qualification in the field of engineering that is IT or computer science or MCA can enter the field. They do not harm the systems. They try to find out the weakness in a computer or network systems as a part of penetration testing. Grey hat hacker is a blend of both black and white hat hackers. Analytical, creative and problem-solving skills are essential with the required educational qualification.