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Tattoo Artist

Ms. Mugdha Shetye in this episode talks about the offbeat career tattoo artist. Tattooing is one of the oldest forms known. In ancient times, tattoos had a symbolic significance. It’s being succeeded from generation to generation. Today, the purpose of making tattoos has changed. Now, people make it for fashion. Modern tattoo artist use electronic tattoo machines for tattooing. A tattoo artist makes decorative tattoos in words, pictures or symbols. There is no formal

education for becoming a tattoo artist. One can learn in studios under professional tattoos artist. To become a professional tattoo artist you need to be above 18 years of age. There are no bachelor’s or masters courses available in India. One can get groomed under an experienced tattoo artist. One needs to have certain skill sets for being a tattoo artist like being creative, artistic with a steady hand, patience and good communication skills.

Along with these skills, one also needs to be updated about the changing trends and be flexible to create any design asked by the client. As a tattoo artist, it is important to understand and take care of safety and cleanliness while making the tattoo. With the growing popularity of tattoo art, there is a lot of opportunities in this field.