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Parental Role During Child’s Board Exam

In this episode, Ms. Swati Salunkhe is talking to Parents, especially to the Parents whose Children are in appearing for the Board Exam. It’s a phase which is different and at times parent’s anxieties do affect the child. Every guardian must show immense support as children are anxious during exam preparation. Any criticism will increase anxiety. Your parental role in your child’s exam preparation is crucial.

Parental role for support

As parents, you need to be a support to the child. Ensure that the child gets Proper Sleep, Exercise and Healthy Diet. Do not bring sudden changes as it will affect the child. Just restrictions will not be helpful. Speak to the child and make them understand the importance of the exam. Though she agrees that Board Exam marks are not the end of the world; yet the impact and importance of the same cannot be ignored.

In this two months take it slow, be observant and rectify the areas were the child is going wrong with proper communication. Do not just instruct, criticize or compare the Child. These are crucial times when parents can play really active support. Do not worry and be confident and help your child which will bring the positive change.