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About IB & IGCSE Board

Ms. Swati Salunkhe speaks about the various international boards like IB & IGCSE Board. First get a strong understanding about the IB & IGCSE board before you choose the suitable one. Both the International boards offer academics and individual development for kids and these boards are recognized worldwide. The IB board has different levels starting with primary year program (pre primary to class 5th), Middle year program (class 6th to 10th) and the IB diploma (class 11th & 12th).

Subjects offered in the PYP are social studies, languages, math, science and technology, arts and physical education. MYP offers various languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, arts, technology – computers and physical education. IBDP offers subjects like languages, mathematics, sciences, social science, management, economics, computer science and visual arts.

About IGCSE Board

IGCSE board is governed by Edexcel and CIE. It starts from class 9th & 10th. The 10th class is called as O levels. 11th and 12th are called as A levels. Examinations are conducted in June and November generally. There are more than seventy subjects in IGCSE and schools can offer them in any combination. There are major five groups in which all the subjects are divided. These boards help in a child’s overall development and also reasoning and investigative ability.