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Genetics as a Career

Genetics as a Career -Ms. Swati Salunkhe in this episode talks about the field Genetics. Genetics is a part of modern biology and biotechnology.  It involves study of hereditary and factors governing it. The field involves research work, the way biological characteristics are transmitted from one generation to another. Genetic Engineering is a laboratory technique used by scientists to change laboratory technique used by scientists to change the DNA of living organisms. The work involves extracting the DNA out of one organism, changing it using chemicals or radiation and subsequently putting it back into the same or a different organism. They also study how traits and characteristics are transmitted through the generations, and how genetic disorders are caused. Their research involves researching the causes and discovering potential cures if any.  To get in to the field one can start after class 12th with Science as background. Very few universities are giving genetics as specialization at undergraduate level but being interdisciplinary study by itself most of the universities are offering at the master’s level. It could be done after MBBS, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biology, and Microbiology. Along with this on requires certain personality traits like judgment capability, being organized, analytical skills, methodological approach, observation skills, stamina to work long hours, patience and be a team player. Job prospects are available in the field of Medical sciences, Pharmaceutical companies, Agriculture sector, Biotechnology industries and industries dealing with production, manufacture and research in biological and allied products.. Genetics is a field for individual who would like to go beyond to know what a physical body does or what makes a person and how things can be made better. Be it human being, animals or plant products. If one wants to rechange, redefine the human life and environment then one can consider genetics as the field as a career.