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Career in Merchant Navy

Career in Merchant Navy – Ms. Suchitra Surve talks about the field Merchant Navy. Typically merchant navy has three divisions; the Nautical division, the Engine division and the Services division. Anyone who is interested in joining the Merchant Navy can be a part of one of these three divisions.

  • The Nautical division typically handles the navigation of the vessel or the ship. The student of Nautical Sciences handles the deck where in the direction and weather conditions are identified and accordingly the ship is navigated.
  • The Engine division takes care and maintain the whole engine and the ship. The Engine division takes care of the machines, the boilers, and the technology involved.
  • The Service division on other hand ensures the wellbeing of all the people on the board; whether it is through housekeeping through catering, or general maintenance of the overall ship.

There are various ways to join the Merchant Navy; one of the ways is to take a Pre-Sea Training courses after class 10th, where one can join either as a Deck Rating, Engine Rating or the Service Rating officers. The Pre-Sea Training Course is for nine months and then one can join as Officers in the Merchant Navy.

Other route is on clearing the Entrance Exams after 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and joining either as Nautical Engineer or a Marine Engineer. Those who missed out the other entry routes still have the opportunity to enter through the Graduate Entry Scheme open for Engineering Graduates. Whichever course one may join, you need to ensure that the course is recognized by the Director General of Shipping.

Since the job of marine engineer or a professional in merchant navy is on the sea, physical fitness is of prime importance. You should be able to handle all sorts of weather conditions and be on the ship probably for six months or eight months. Along with this the person also should be able to solve problems immediately, handle crises situations and also remain calm because you are going to be at sea, its nothing but your skills and technical knowledge and your ability to work with your peers which will help you overcome a difficult situation.

Marine engineers have job opportunities with the shipping company, ports, government services, vessels, ship building firms, manufacturing units and even with cruise liners. So if you love adventures and look at a life beyond land then Merchant Navy is the career for you.