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Career in Environmental Science

Career in Environmental Science- In this episode Ms. Swati Salunke talks about Environment Science, a topic which is very close to our heart’s, something we are all concerned about wherein lot of people have taken number of good steps towards taking care of it, it’s something which the future, is also looking forward for.

There is a discussion on the growing concern for environment by various countries including India. Environmental Science is a science of environment, that teaches and equips the students to understand various aspects of environment be it soil, water, air, noise, human being waste, plastic, head light of vehicles, it can be anything and everything. We see and hear a number of environmental enthusiasts, who are concerned about preventing, protecting, and also developing new technologies to bring in required balance. Environment has become the biggest concern of all the countries across the world. If you love your nature why not protect it, prevent it, and make the best of it by getting into the studies of it. Students feel that to be environmental scientist, one has to be a scientist. To start from one can be an environmental lover too, but with a formal course you have a better perspective to deal with it. One has to be 10+2 in Science, followed by B.Sc. degree and M.Sc. degree respectively. Very few universities give Environmental Science as a course at the under graduate level. One can complete Bachelors in Zoology, Botany, and Fishery Sciences, any form of Life Sciences, Bio-technology and Computer Sciences and take up the Master’s Course and further progress to the Ph.D. level.

Other than education qualification one requires love for environment, the concern to protect the environment, along with the readiness to work towards it, which calls for Accuracy, Patience along with a Scientific and Research Bent of Mind. Environmentalist need to have lots of Logical Analytics too. So if you are concerned about the nature and want to make the best for the future generation, environment science can just be the field for you. So by having a love for the environment it will give a satisfying career or a paying job? Definitely there are avenues for the science students in Forest, Research and Developmental Firms, Textile and Dyeing Industry, Food Processing Industry, Mines, Fertilizers Company, Education Institutes, Media, NGO’s, Government And Quasi Government working towards development and planning of environment. A lot of, environmentalist these days work with lot of government projects with realistic as well as social awareness.
If the love and concern for environment is high and one would really like to work towards it environment science can just be the answer for you.