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Career in Nautical Science

Career Nautical Science – Have you ever wondered how do the ships go from one place to the other, from one port to the other? When there are no signs, no signals and there is no route. Yes, it is worth thinking and for the people who have zest and who love the sea life, the adventure this is something that you can think about; Navigating- taking people or cargo from one port to the other, from one part of the world to the other part of the world. This is possible only through Nautical Sciences. In this episode Swati Salunkhe talks on Career in Nautical Science.

Nautical science deals with the sciences that takes the ship from one port to the other in very simple words. It involves technology, understanding the weather conditions and the geographical locations. A lot of people confuse it with merchant navy. Nautical science is applicable across the entire shipping industry. To get into the field of nautical science you need to be class 12th science student with physics, chemistry and mathematics and then get into B.Sc. Nautical Science. You also need to undergo proper selection process for which you need to be medically fit, you need to have proper eye sight and go through the selection process. The three years undergraduate course equips you with all the nuances of the ocean, ships and the machinery.

Just having the required education qualification is not enough. You need to have certain personality traits. You need to have the risk-taking ability, ability to stay in various weather conditions, to take decisions, be away from your family and you also need to be very analytical. The combination if all these traits and proper training can get you into nautical science.

After doing this course where do you get the jobs? The entire ocean world is waiting for you. It could be in education institutes, training institutes, shipping companies, oil rigging companies, it could be in cruise liners too, you could be working as a consultant, you could be working in government sector/agencies. It can start with a degree course wherein you enter as an assistant but it can also go up to the level of captain. So, you see if you want to lead a zestful and adventurous life doing a nautical science course can just take you there.