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Career in Bioinformatics

In this episode Ms. Swati Salunkhe talks about the field. Bioinformatics. If you are blessed with multidisciplinary skills sets and have interest in biology along with computer science then you can think if the field bioinformatics.

Career in Bioinformatics – Bioinformatics in simple or layman’s term means a merger of biology and computer science. However, Bioinformatics is a scientific discipline which uses software to derive useful information from the biological data base. It encompasses all aspects of biological information like acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, analysis and interpretation of the data. It combines the tools and techniques of mathematics, computer science and biology with an aim of understanding the biological significance of variety of data. Since its an inter disciplinary field one has to be an expert in computer as well as biology.

To enter the field, you have to be from science field. After class 12th you can go for the undergraduate programs in bioinformatics. It could be through the B.Tech or B.Sc. route. Please do note that bioinformatics is generally offered at the post graduate level, very few institutes offer the course at undergraduate level. However, if you are a student of computer science biology, zoology, life sciences or mathematics, you can pursue Bioinformatics at Master’s level. Understand again its an interdisciplinary field so love for biology, computers, analyzing and mathematics can be definitely a fantastic combination.

Acquiring the academic qualification is just not enough. You need to have certain skills sets such as excellent problem-solving skills, good knowledge in computers, software and technology, good communication skills, inquisitive mindset, commitment, dedication, keen observation skills set, patience and perseverance. With requisite educational qualification as well as the skill sets the next question that come is where can you work or what are the job prospects in this field. Is it in India or abroad?

The answer to these questions is Yes there are a lot of opportunities waiting for students of bioinformatics. Some of the areas they work in include academic institutions, educational research institutions, agricultural research organizations, biotechnology companies, chemical industries, health care organizations, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, product marketing companies, biomedical software development companies, Government and private research organizations. There are ample opportunities in the field of Bioinformatics.

The era of digitization has its own footprints in the field of health care industry. The growing use of technology in combination with biology is significant in new discoveries. So, go ahead and help the scientific community with your bioinformatics skills.