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Career in Dentistry

Career in Dentistry – In this episode, Mugdha Shetye talks about the field Dentistry. Dental health is an essential part of the overall health system. With modern lifestyle, dental problems are becoming common among all sections of society. Additionally, improper dental care also creates problems like early tooth falling, tooth decay, enamel loss, etc. Age plays no role and anyone can be affected.

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that involves Diagnosis, Prevention & Treatment of any disease or concerns about teeth, mouth, gums, hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity and associated structures. Dentists are professionals who provide dental care and corrections (in the form of surgery or medical treatment) required for the patients. There are certain certificate courses in Dental Hygienist / Dental Mechanic and diploma courses in Dental Assistance which can be done after class 10th. Further, one can work under a dentist and provide support.

To practice dentistry, one needs to clear a Bachelor program (BDS). You need to pass 10+2 level with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and clear relevant entrance exam to seek admission in dental colleges. It is a five-year course that is divided into four parts each of one years’ duration followed by a year of internship. Various Specializations like orthodontics, Oral Radiology, and oral pathology, cosmetic dentist etc are available at the Post Graduate level.

Along with the education qualification sets like Manual dexterity and precision, good judgment and aesthetic ability, Good communication skills and manners, scientific acumen, Good eyesight, and patience are equally important. Dentists can seek jobs in dental departments of hospitals, dental clinics, and health departments. They can also take up teaching In Research and Advisory functions of pharmaceutical and other companies producing oral care products. They can work as consultants in companies. You can also seek government jobs in the Armed Forces, Indian Railways, etc. Self-employment is also a very promising avenue; If you believe in creating a million-dollar smile and earn too, then dentistry is just right for you!