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Career in Audiology and Speech Therapy

Career in Audiology and Speech Therapy – In this episode Ms. Swati Salunke speaks about career in Audiology and Speech. Audiology is a field of science that prevents, detects and helps in correcting hearing issues. Hearing impairment can happen at any age group, it is not restricted to only to children. It can happen due to learning disorder or due to medical issue, paralyse etc. We need to hear properly to speak also, so with audiology comes is speech.

We all talk and speak, but certain people have speech impairments due to any reasons in any age groups. We come across people with dysfunctional speech, stuttering, stammering and also a number of clinical issues. Here a specialist like Audiologist and Speech therapist needs to be addressed. Audiology and speech therapist is not a new field at all but there is dearth of professionals in this filed.

To be an audiologist and speech therapist one has to clear 10+2 in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and/or Mathematics. One also has to clear the relevant entrance exam. It’s a four years degree course along with internships. Audiologist and speech therapist undergo a rigorous training programme where equal importance is given to theory and practical application. Audiology and speech therapist is an important aspect of paramedical field. It’s not restricted to bachelor’s degree but one can do a Masters and Ph.D. in this.

The work area of an audiologist and speech therapist is not only confined to hospital, it could be with an ENT specialist, special schools, also for kids or adults undergoing special traumas. They also work with media and entertainment industry. We need people who can rectify the speech at every moment, the voice modulation, and diction has to be in place. Audiologist and speech therapist plays a big role to avoid and prevent the disorder or to evaluate a hearing aid or to know what kind of therapy to give the patients.

Individuals planning to get in to this field need to be a science student who likes to make a difference in somebody’s life. It could be through any kind of method. Understand there are no surgeries done in this field, but one needs to work with people day in and day out, requires a lot of patience, a good hearing and listening skills, you need to know your tone, diction, and pronunciation well to rectify somebody’s speech. One needs to have good observation skills, a scientific bent of mind and readiness to work for long hours. Understanding the core of the problem, that evaluating and working makes lots of sense.

In fact a lot of audiologist is required by hearing aid implant industry too. It’s a different sector by itself. Speech and hearing can also give you a different career avenue. Audiology and speech therapy can be one of the fields wherein you make a difference in people’s life and also have a different career for yourself.
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