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Career In Archaeology

Career in Archaeology-Ms. Nidhi Mishra in this episode speaks on career in Archaeology. Every culture and civilization have its own history. This history is often not clearly known to their people. Archaeologist study about this and this the field. Archaeologists manly try to find out the famous four Ws (What, When, Why, Where and How) with respect to the formation of past cultures and civilizations. They also try to figure out the reasons behind major changes that have occurred in certain traditions and societies. Under this, they try to figure out the reasons why ancient man gradually stopped hunting and started farming and what may have prompted them to build cities and trade channels.

Most people picture archaeologists digging up earth with tools around them, but archaeology is much more than that. It has several branches like
• Historic Archaeology
• Maritime Archaeology
• Urban Archaeology
• Epigraphy
• Museology

To become an archaeologist, you need to have studies history on 10 + 2 followed by graduation in history and further do your Masters i.e. M.A. in Archaeology, Anthropology or Ancient Indian History. Some institutes may offer M.Sc in Archaeology or Anthropology. Depending on the institutes you may have to clear relevant entrance exams to seek admission for the Master’s Course.

Along with the educational qualification there are certain skills sets require to become an archaeologist such as perceptive and probing mind, keen observation, analytical and logical thinking. They must also possess creativity, accuracy and should be able to recognize and appreciate arts. They should be adaptable to physical stress and strain since they may have to work outdoors sometimes in uncomfortable conditions. Besides dedication, a lot of patience is required since researches in this field can take years on one project.

A variety of opportunities for archaeologists are available in museums, research institutes, educational institutes, tour companies. However, if one wants to join some government organization, they have to take up examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission or Staff Selection Commission. Archaeology can be a great career. Many aspects of the job are fascinating because of the exciting discoveries that can be made. This field still needs people with ideas and enthusiasm – people who are in love with the venture of discovering the past, and who wish to share and communicate their enthusiasm. If you are one of these then archaeology is the field for you.