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Visit Us Growth Centre December 14th, 2017

Visit Us or Not to Visit Us?

1.    Did you just appear for your board exams?
2.    Are you confused about your career?
3.    Have you chosen a field, but are unsure about the decision?
4.    Do you know which entrance exam you should take?
5.    Are you thinking of studying abroad?
6.    Do you know the admission procedure for various courses?
7.    Do you feel caught up between whom to listen – your parents or yourself?
8.    Do you know the admission procedure for various courses?
9.    Do you think you lack proper career related information?
10.    Do you feel the pressure of making the right career decision?

1.    Are you anxious / worried about your child’s career?
2.    Are you trying to find the best career option for your child?
3.    Are you confused which stream your child should select?
4.    Do you know which entrance exam your child should take?
5.    Does the thought of selecting the right college worry you?
6.    Do you know the alternative academic routes to join a career?
7.    Do you feel the need to discuss with someone the career choices made by you or your child?
8.    Do you think you are not fully equipped to guide your child to make the right career choice?
9.    Are you confused about where your child should study – in India or abroad?
10.    Do you know the admission procedure for various courses?

1.    Are you experiencing a lot of work related stress?
2.    Are you looking for a career that better “matches” your desired lifestyle?
3.    Are you seeking a career change?
4.    Are you bored or unchallenged with your current career?
5.    Do you want to know how you can match your personality and interests?
6.    Are you seeking a career with more advancement and growth opportunities?
7.    Do you have job/technical skills that you are not using, but want to?
8.    Are you working longer and/or harder and yet feel unsatisfied?
9.    Do you constantly you were better at doing something else rather than your current job?
10.    Are you at a stage in your life that you need a change?

 If your answer is ‘Yes’ for more than 5 of the above questions, then its time you visited us!!

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