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USA Visa Application and Admission Procedure Growth Centre December 12th, 2017
USA Visa Application

Application Procedure & Visa In USA

USA Visa application and admission procedure for universities include submitting your application to the institution, accepting a Letter of Offer and applying for student visa. Although most of the universities abroad have more or less similar application process, every college or university has its own unique policies. Since it is a time consuming process, it is advisable that the applicants start preparing with at the least a year in hand.

The USA Visa Application Procedure has the below steps;

Applicants must remember to begin the admission process early as the application deadlines are far in advance of the start of the semester. Students should also schedule the required standardized tests needed for admission on time so that they have the results can be sent to schools on time.

Admission Procedure in Universities Abroad

The basic steps for applying to US:

Identifying university and the course

Every university abroad offers hundreds of course so it is essential the students recognize the University that offers the course as per their requirements.

Obtaining the required Application Forms

It can be obtained online or by requesting the University to send the printed form.

Taking various required tests

Student needs to meet the criteria of minimum score required by the University to which they wish to apply.

Reporting various test scores to the universities

Students are allowed to send some scores free while taking the tests. If they apply to any other university they have to make sure that the scores are sent on time.

Arranging and preparing essays and recommendation letters

These are one of the important aspects of an application and play a crucial role in getting students an acceptance form.

Arranging the academic documents

Get sets of the transcripts and mark sheets organized.

Preparing financial documents

The student needs to provide the proof of sufficient funds to cover the costs of the course as well as the living expenses.

Preparing other important documents

Along with recommendations and essays, students also need to send their mark sheets and other relevant certificates

Apply to the Universities

send the application packet along with the academics, test scores, essays and recommendation letters. Generally, an application fee has to accompany the same. Await the offer letter. Once received, accept the same.

Receive I-20

Once the university is satisfied that, apart from fulfilling the admission requirements, the student or his sponsor has sufficient funds to pay for the studies and living expenses, the I-20 is issued in around 2-3 weeks

The visa interview

Pay the visa charges. Schedule and attend the visa interview.

Pay the tuition fee

Generally, the minimum of one semester fee, health insurance, accommodation expenses have to be paid as per the invoice issued by the university / institute.

Fly to USA!

Application process is the stepping stone for any student who wishes to study abroad. Since the university does not meet the student personally, their entire evaluation and perception of a student depends on the application. So it becomes very crucial for a student to present themselves in the best possible manner that will make their application stand out distinctly from the several other applications that a university generally receives.

Planning ahead gives you sufficient time to make successful applications to the colleges of your choice especially if you want to apply for scholarships. Moreover, generally the deadlines for scholarships are earlier than the university ones.

  •  Score reports of SAT / IELTS / TOEFL /  GRE / GMAT
  •  Completed Application Form
  •  Essay/s or Statement of Purpose
  •  Resume
  •  Recommendation letters
  •  Transcripts and mark sheets
  •  Relevant Certificates
  •  Financial Documents

If a student receives admissions in more than one university, they have to decide which one they want to attend. At this stage, they should compare a few objective and mostly more subjective criteria.

  • Best program curriculum, length of program, choice of courses
  • Best funding offer or best program with respect to costs
  • Cost of living
  • Strength of related departments/program
  • Overall reputation of university/department/program
  • Location-region, safety of neighborhood
  • Climate
  • Social life
  • Facilities available
  • Accommodation & housing

Once a student receives admission in the desired university, comes the most important stage -Visa. Once a student receives an offer letter / I20 from the university offering admission, he/she can accept the offer and then apply for the visa.

Obtaining a visa is the last but a crucial step to go abroad for further studies. Every student has to be extremely cautious while presenting the papers or while attending a visa interview.

The US Visa Process Includes:

  • Applications
  • Interview

There are 2 different types of student visas:

  • F-1 (Student Visa): The F-1 visa is for full-time students enrolled in an academic or language program. F-1 students may stay in the US for the full length of their academic program. F-1 students must maintain a full-time course load and complete their studies by the expiration date listed on the I-20 form.
  • M-1 (Vocational Student Visa): The M-1 visa is issued for students attending non-academic trade and vocational schools. The M-1 visa is valid for at most one year. Recipients of an M-1 visa may not change fields of study.

Visa Processing Time:

Apply at least 5 business days before your visa interview appointment.

Visa Application Documents:

  • Passport should be valid for more than 6 months from the date of return.
  • One photograph as per specification.
  • Original signed form DS-156.
  • Original Form DS-157 only if you are 15 to 55 years of age.
  • Original form DS-158 only if you are applying for F, M or J visa.
  • Valid fee receipt.