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Understanding Commerce Field

The episode focuses on knowing the students perspective towards Commerce Field and also myths and facts about the stream. Commerce is generally a preferred field after 10th standard. It is about understanding Economy and Business. Finance and Numbers are part and parcel of the Commerce field. Commerce is considered as a midpoint option by most of the students. Commerce is a challenging field. It’s a combination of Numbers, Economics and Accounting. It’s been said that M.Com has no scope but that’s not the fact, your success will be determined on how you applies the knowledge gained in the practical world.

Importance of Understanding Commerce Field

Another fact is Commerce is applicable in various sectors like Government, Hospitality, Medicine, Pharmacy Industry, Technology and many more. Certain Myths related to the field are that it has more theory, certain subjects are boring, less studies and the field has more of a desk job. The fact is theory is the base for any subject and studying regularly is important. Along with the textual knowledge, these days IT skills are also very essential in the employment sector. As for the desk job, any profession will have a desk job. It is essential to know what is required in the industry and update oneself with practical and factual information about current market trends for better survival rates in the employment sector.