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Types of Accommodation While Studying Abroad

In this episode, Mrs. Kunjal Sakhrani talks about the different types of accommodation available for students studying abroad. There are 2 types of accommodation that you can get: On-campus housing and off-campus housing which includes apartments and homestays. On campus, accommodations are generally called as ‘dormitories’ or ‘halls of residence’, where 2-3 students share the room and bathrooms. Since these rooms are located in the campus, they are generally walking distance from all other facilities. On-campus housing is generally safe and also includes electrical & internet connection. Off-campus housing includes leased houses or apartments and homestays. A rented apartment/house can be shared between 2-3 students and each student can have their own room and share a bathroom, living room and kitchen. You have to pay separately for electricity, gas, and food. You can also look for a homestay option, where you will live with a local family and a room and meals will be provided.