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Tips for International Students on How to Ace the Digital SAT Introduction

Mastering the Digital SAT: Thriving in the Online Exam Environment

For international students hoping to enroll in prestigious universities around the world, taking the Digital SAT is a crucial step. The test’s transition to a digital format brings both benefits and challenges. International test takers must be well-prepared and armed with key methods to stand out in the global candidate pool. This blog post will examine important guidance and suggestions to ace the Digital SAT and fulfill your academic goals.

Understanding the Digital SAT:

The Digital SAT is the SAT exam in a digital form, as the name implies. Unlike the conventional paper-based test, you will utilize digital tools and answer questions on a computer screen.

Becoming familiar with this format is critical to developing a solid foundation for your preparation. Understanding the test’s structure, navigation tools, and question types will help you feel more at ease on test day.


What changes are being made to the sections of the new Digital SAT?

To shorten the duration of the test, the Digital SAT has been condensed into only two sections:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Reading and Writing

These sections are further divided into modules, each containing two modules.

Mathematics Section

Tips for International Students on How to Ace the Digital SAT Introduction, Digital SatThe questions in the math section are now more straightforward. The math section contains two modules, each containing 22 questions. You will have 35 minutes to complete each module and 70 minutes to answer all 44 questions.The latest version of the SAT exam has eliminated the “Maths without a Calculator” section. This means that test-takers are now permitted to use a calculator for the entirety of the math section. You can use the built-in calculator provided on-screen or carry your own calculator, which the College Board allows.

Reading & Writing Section

The Reading & Writing section lasts 64 minutes on the new digital SAT and includes 54 questions. Each module in this section is 32 minutes long and has 27 questions. The section is divided into separate Grammar and Reading Comprehension parts. The questions in the Reading and Writing section are brief and straightforward, and the passages are shorter, usually between 100-150 words.

Leveraging Online Resources:

Being an international student, accessing digital resources is crucial for your success. Fortunately, many reputable websites offer study materials, practice tests, and interactive tools to simulate the Digital SAT experience. Use these resources to become comfortable with the digital interface and boost your confidence.

Developing Time Management Skills:

Time management is a crucial aspect of the Digital SAT. It’s important to manage your time effectively during the exam as there is a strict time limit. Practice pacing yourself during your preparation. Divide the time available for each section wisely, and remember, it’s okay to skip difficult questions and return to them later if needed.

Mastering the Calculator and Digital Tools:

The Digital SAT provides an on-screen calculator and other digital tools to assist you during the exam. Understanding their functionalities will help you make the most of these tools and save precious time—practice using the calculator efficiently, especially for complex math problems.

Strengthening English Language Proficiency:

For many international students, the English language component of the SAT can be daunting. Improve your reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary skills to conquer this section. Engage in regular practice sessions to boost your confidence in English.

Targeted Math Practice:

Math is a significant part of the SAT, and mastering math skills is crucial. Identify the areas where you face challenges and work on improving your accuracy. Regularly practice math problems to build confidence in tackling complex questions on the Digital SAT.

Taking Advantage of Practice SAT Tests:

Practice tests are invaluable tools for SAT preparation. They help you assess your progress, identify weak areas, and get familiar with the test format. Take full-length practice tests under simulated test conditions. Continuously improve by analyzing your performance and learning from your mistakes.

Seeking Support and Guidance:

If you encounter difficulties during your preparation, remember you’re not alone! Consider joining study groups or hiring a tutor to receive extra support. Educators and counselors can provide valuable guidance and insights. Building a support network will motivate you to continue and excel in your preparation.


Conquering the Digital SAT as an international student requires preparation, dedication, and the right approach. Understand the digital format, leverage online resources, and develop time management skills. Master the digital tools and calculator and strengthen your English and math proficiency. Take advantage of practice tests and seek support when needed. Remember, with hard work and determination; you can confidently navigate the Digital SAT and achieve success. Good luck on your journey to academic excellence!

Additional Resources:

College Board: Official SAT website with practice tests, study guides, and test-taking tips. The book “The Official SAT Study Guide,” published by the College Board, includes authentic SAT questions and practice tests.

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