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Don’t just take our word for it, read below to see what our Students have to say about the Growth Centre – Testimonials.

Janahvi Ajit Kamerkar

My counseling was great and I would choose my career easily now


Very helpful in academic growth and for future career decision making.

Rohan Rathod

it was a good experience being here.Helped me b giving a clear idea.


Great Testing and very to the point results and counselling. The counsellor could excatly and accurately predict my personality and has also given the further career options i was looking for.

Kabir Jadhav

It was a great and hilarious time here as I got something new to learn and I have got many much new things about me that I was unaware thank you for consulting!!!!!!

Chhaya Rajeev

It was a very much helpful feedback given. thanks a lot.

Priyanka Vikas Raut

Your guidance helped me to select a proper field and I came to know my strengths ans weaknesses. Thanks for your guidance.

Sachin Usarkar

This institute has very good Councillors which helps to parents and child to select right career pattern with its inner qualities like checking personality,reasoning and inclination of child strength . Test technique helps my child got clarity of mind which path he should take and make better outcome in future.

Mrunal Bade


Poonam Chodankar

the session was very fruitful and hope my daughter follows all the recommendations given by the experts

Fia Bhatia

It was really helpful and made me think out of the box.


It was very useful,great counselling done and I got proper guidance for future studies and life skills


A very personal and progressive discussion. Helped a lot to get actual clarity about forthcoming decisons.


Very good counselling done here definitely recommended.

Siddhant Ambolkar

Counseling to be seen was very much good. proper guidance was done. found it very helpful.


Had a very good experience..helped a know about mt future career options


It was a great session and a lot of clarity was given regarding the options available in terms of courses and various colleges, the process of enrollment and the final outcomes. All in all, a great guidance as required for students and their parents.

Saniya Pathare

it was very informative and helpful. the counselors were also very aimable

Rishika Sehgal

Thank you for guiding me to reach till my success, really happy.

Janvi Nariani

it was a great experienc. the faculty was well informed and gave realistic advice.

Mannat Muzik

the session was very informative and really gave me a very clear outlook and understanding towards my future which made my decisions more logical and got me to the correct track

Meet Gaikwad

It was my first aptitude section . i had a awesome experience here. the result i got will be helping me. I’m satisfied

Neel Naik

Very happy with the counseling session done today. The session was no nonsense and to the point. We explored several options and discussed issues in great detail. I had done career guidance and counseling here previously and will recommend it to others too.


The counselling was really greatful and helpful and made my queries solved and made my confused mindset that what was the right recision to take and work upon.the staff is really helping in nature and focused on students life.

Saumya Gupta

I had a really interesting and informative session here, the staff and members are cooperative and helpful.

Pushpa Sharma

I am glad I approached Growth Center for counseling. Ms. Neha & Ms. Nidhi were very helpful and gave us clarity in selection of courses/future studies suitable for my daughter. Thanks a lot!


Great interactive session, also a very helpful and needful session in such a face I was confused about my career choices. Really very helpful.

Jay Mistry

It was truly a good experience to know yourself understand and analyses your potential and strengths and weaknesses.

Aarti Agarwal

Very very helpful, highly recommended. Very clear about the things I had trouble thinking and drawing conclusions about.

Bijoy Biju

I had a wonderful experience at growth as it helped in boosting my confidence.It has a very experienced faculty who gave good training ,they have lot of patience and they never made fun of the mistakes we made but corrected us constructively.Even the other staff members are very cooperative and polite.They arranged the classes and mock tests as per our convenience.I am very happy with the experience at growth

Dhiraj Nair

They are just amazing. They tell you exactly who you are and what type of person you are just by taking MCQ tests and also suggest your scope in a particular career field. I am really impressed. One should definitely try it.

Rinu Raju

Good place. Focused and organized approach. Good professors and staff


It was a good experience interacting with Tanvi maam. She helped us understand the concept easily, hope so my child gains clarity from this interaction and performs well in the future.

Atharva Sawant

Amazing session. Great counseling. friendly counselors. I never knew the qualities i have which i came to know by giving the test. thank you

Subramanya Shetty

It was a good experience and I could understand more about myself and my future career choices.

Ajit Jadhav

Helped me clarify a lot of doubts especially for selecting universities best fit for my profile. Also, helped me set up a timeline for my applications to complete the admission procedure on time.


The session was very helpful and I felt very comfortable interacting with them.

Shreevardhan Agarwal

The aptitude test has has made me understand my strengths and weaknesses. The counseling session has been really helpful for me to choose my career studies I am really thankful for it

Lavanya Venkateswaran

I was constantly given proper guidance and all my doubts were patiently addressed. All mock tests were well conducted because of which I was confidently able to perform well in the final competitive exam.


Hi session was really good and helpful.they have cleared our doubts and enquiries.


Very good and helpful would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Kala Srinivasan

We are convinced and satisfied with the counseling session and also the results of the tests. Harshada & Chandani were very helpful with their explanations and guidance.

Musavvir Musa Hannure

The overall experience was outstanding . the faculty over here are greatly experienced . the adivices and sujjestion that are given are awsome

Atharva chonkar

The experience was good. the interaction was good and every question they solved …

Nivedhita Krishnaraj

I was satisfied with the coaching I got here. When I joined I only had a rough idea about IELTS. Everything about the course was clear as I got clarity on how to prepare for the IELTS exam. The mock tests were good practice sessions for me. Thanks a lot Growth Centre Team for all your support and guidance.

Shramona Mondal

The procedures and test taken to understand the mind and personality is great. The counselling session was reviving to finally know where to work upon for future aspect. Good team of counselors and series of test. Anytime one is stuck for taking future decision this a good option to go about with , as they give a bright light to your decisions and actions.


It was excellent Swati Maa’m cleared all the doubts and gave great career advice.


The faculty is very co operative and clears a lot of doubts present in minds for a better career choice

Nishita Kochrekar

it was an amazing experience. had a great time. i was guided properly

Prabhat maheshwari

I come her for career counselling process. During the testing and counselling counsellor help me. They also tell me points on which I have to work and clear my vision regarding the career. If somebody have difficulties regarding career then I suggest they should come at Growth Centre and get the right guidance in choosing the career.


It was really helpful. i got o know about hat is right for me and what can be can further bbe done.


Really glad to come here and speak with MS Swati Salunkhe regarding my career. She guided me and helped me clear all my doubts.


Growth centre is quite useful for selecting and having an idea about future fields. the examination process is quite interesting. staff is quite professional and results are quite precise and useful.


The explanation of career guidance was good, every thing was explained during test as well

Nihal Poojary

It was great to come at this place as i got to know about my weaknesses and how i should improve on them


The counselling was really good. The session ensured entire clarity and cleared all doubts about career options to be taken. The counsellors understood and cleared our misconceptions. I would suggest every parent to ensure that their child undergoes the same for having a Great Career and ensuring a great future for their child

Natalia Poojari

Has helped to explore my choices through the psychometric test and the counselling .The counselor did a great job recommending the courses got good insights .Would surely recommend this place to others .


It was very wonderful experience MS. Nidhi explained us everything in a very simple way we are so relaxed now.

Shital Shah

Excellent. now am confident about what to take and it helped a lot.

Varun Shriram

Very useful in solving all doubts related to admission and future career options

Sangitha Jamble

Very articulate and pleasant.Guidance was accurate

Hetal Trivedi

The overall consultation was very professional and thorough. It met our expectations! Will surely recommend to my friends and family.

Purva Musale

Session is very helpful and guiding towards what needs to be done focus to achieve in current situation also which is very essential in current scenario.

Amit singh

Swati ma’an guides you very well,i am very satisfied by my results of mbti test and plan to go ahead with it!


Counsellings was very informative and was in detailed.I am satisfied with the councelling.

Firoza Baig

I found the counseling very effective. The reviews were exactly matching according to our observation in the daily life. My son was very hesitant to appear for the counseling but after the session and after talking to the counselors was very happy and contented. In short the counseling session was very effective.


The center is friendly ..the consultant could answer my queries to my satisfaction

Jairaj Shetty

good and practical advise from Tanvi mam. Got to know about my strengths and weaknesses.

Sanyu V

The comments given as oer the test were concrete and perfect. Would recommend others too.


Had a insightful counselling session, with a lot to think about of career options, and had received indepth knowledge about all the queries.

Manish Verma

The session was useful for clarifying all our doubts. I would have liked if if there could have been a one-to-one with my daughter who did not open up.However the assurance that she can mail her doubts or have a skype session anytime she feels, compensated for that. My child would have not opened up right now, but she can have a talk whenever she is rady and comfortable is an excellent option.


All the report explained in very well manner.Branches explained by NIDHI madam totally understood by us.Total session was very useful to us.

Vaishali Gupta

A great understanding of my child’s aptitude and personality based on exhaustive tests. Really appreciate the career options suggested accommodating both – child’s aptitude as well as interest. A big shout out to them for giving realistic and actionable actions based on ground reality.


Very kind and helpful, patiently hear you out, goes beyond just career counselling, thoroughly guide you through the process


Thank you growth center . Wonderful experience at every stage . Right from reception till the result of assessment . Each and every person , cordial in their approach .

Aditya Shetty

It was a good experience highly recommended because i have done 2 counseling previously but both of them dint give me a proper response to my queries But when i visited at Growth Center it was a good experience all my doubts are being resolved on what I have to focus for my future

Priyanka Puradkar

Excellent Team work, Very helpful, Giving proper guidance to students for their successful and bright future.

Rishabh Rao

Conducted very well and counseling session is also very nice

Hruday Lad

It is very exellent test .Before i am confused to select my carrier but after this i know what field is better for me . really it is very nice exam

Omkar Lohogaonkar

The counselling session helped me alot in getting clearity on my issues/doubts regarding my future career options. Thanks Grown Centre.

Sanskruti Punyarthi

I had a wonderful opportunity and could understand myself better.


Detailed study of personality traits which really helps to get a clear vision about things. realistically helps choose our further ways.


Nice as per name growth it is to good thanks for session

Divya Agarwal

Veryhelpful made me understand what i need to improve

Harshad jadhav

I think every one should try this once. this test really helps us to know the real us

Dr Vikesh Parmar

Session was good and they understood my interest very nicely and gave the best career option for me

Swaroop Rathod

Overall the things that have been shared with me from the growth, I hope those things will work. it really gave me hope and find out things that i really want to do. So a big thanks to the growth center and for the test, it was much needed.

Hitendra Yadav

Very nice session about Growth and Understanding Children Potential for Good Future and to Adapt to Life Situation.

Riddhi Shirke

It was a wonderful experience for me. I really enjoyed the session.

Partho S. Nabar

Very nice. Went along the expectation and personal interest.

Manisha Loke

Thank you so much for all the support. It was amazing session for me and my daughter. Helped us in many way understanding her personality and other characteristics.

Sidhant Mohata

I actually came to know about myself and my personality in writing,which I never realized by myself


Great now we are firm to take the decision where exactly our son will make career,


It was good overall. It told me what my strengths and my weaknesses are. Areas in which I need to give more attention. Which aspects i should focus on. The stream which I am cut out for. Which field in the stream and which are the examinations needed to be given. It was really good and I will surely recommend growth center to others.

Nikhil Chogle

The Aptitude tests and Counselling sessions were extremely helpful in giving better insights into future career options. The information provided will definitely help in choosing the right course and university. Thanks!

Kiran Mokashi

Wonderful guidance provided for subject selection std 8. Counsellor Mugdha explained each and every parameter of the test conducted which helped my daughter independently choose the subject combination wisely. Needless to say right from scheduling tests , appointments…. seamlessly conducted journey…Thank you Anandhi.Well done team!!

Sid Gautam

An awesome experience. The counselors here are really good and know exactly what they are doing.


Satisfied with the counselling session. have judged sanika perfectly and given right guidance


Very effective inter active session and good guidance provided by both the counselors.

Shivani Nimbkar

I have taken a session before on wednesday and again today .After these two session I have a better clarity of what i should focus on and target in the up coming months and take a decision of what to do next .
the sessions were really helpful.
thankyou for the help