Shubham Kaushal

The teachers are very helpful and clear about the topics. I liked the experience, both in SAT and TOEFL preparation.

Shreyas Jadhav

Extremely useful. It helped me to understand what options I had and what I really need to do. It helped me filter all my options and opt for the best one. Amazing experience in all.

Pranav Rao

Session was very good. Beneficial to me. Information I got here was very good. I was in a dilemma before choosing my career. Youtube videos of Growth Centre are also very good.

Pritika Daswaney

Overall very good. Counsellor was well prepared with students personal information and took the time to make personalized documents.

Rohit Gupta

The session was very informative. It helped a lot in planning for my future and what I should do for my post graduation and how I should prepare for studying abroad .