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Technical Careers in Media

Media is one of the most fascinating careers and most sought after careers of today’s generation. Media has in tides all generations and it will always continue. Glamour, publicity and the lime light are the interesting facts about Media but have you ever wondered who makes this happen? In this episode Ms. Suchitra Surve talks about the technical careers in media which are off screen or we can say they are the magicians behind the screens, who make us believe in the make believe world of media.
You must have always heard most of the actor and actresses always acknowledge the technicians, the invisible man that makes the miracle happen the magic on screen. Talking on screen we have now moved from the big screen to television to the newer OTT platforms. But again the technicians have steadfast; nobody has been able to replace them. But obviously the skills that are required now by these technicians are highly technologically driven and digitally driven. So let’s look at some of the fields which are the part of media.

Some of the technical fields that are available in the media are Producer, Line Producer, Executive Producer, Director, Script Writer- Dialogue Writer, Cinematographer, Camera Operator. There is a production team as well it includes Project Head, Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Folly Artist, Casting Directors, Music Directors- Back Ground Score Makers, The Lyricist, Sound Engineers, Chorographers, Junior Artist Coordinators, Action Designers which also Includes Action Coordinator, Stunt Artist, Editor, Colorists, VFX Supervisors, Publicity Designer, Distributors, PR, Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist And Location Coordinator. This list is just the tip of the ice berg. There are many more involved in this team; probably we are not able to list them out, WHY – because there are too many of them. But the broad headings that have been identified here to help you decide to which career you can take.

Many people are required to make a film or a television serial or web series, where do you get the jobs. You can find job opportunities in Films, Production Houses, and Television Channels. Now because of the OTT platforms, opportunities are also available on YouTube Channels, Media Houses, Corporate Houses, and Advertising Agencies, where these technicians can find either jobs or freelance or work on project bases. Though these skills project an idea or create a fiction/non-fiction story, on televisions or films or on the web remains the same. The approach, the methodology, the digital skills and the technical skills are way different. Today youngsters need to equip themselves with all the software’s, and technological platforms that can be used to show case their talent.

Opportunities are more, it’s the survival of the talented, and hence the completion is tiff. So whoever is interested in this field, needs to understand the sound understanding of the tool that you are using is essential., which means along with formal training hands on training is essential, learning on the job, understanding the newness, is going to be far more impactful, rather than just arming yourself with the degree. Of course having formal education always gives you the understanding of the theory and then you can apply your creativity. So those who are interested in this field be ready for a challenging, creative, physically demanding sought of field because to survive in this field it’s not only the skills but also your emotional stability, networking ability and ability to think beyond is required.