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Study In UK Growth Centre December 12th, 2017
Study In UK

Study In UK

About UK

United Kingdom – stands as an ode to a bygone era. It is a country ruled by some of the best women monarchy. United Kingdom is rich in literary heritage and culture. It is ethnically diverse, partly as a legacy of an empire.

United Kingdom has had a long history as a major player in international affairs and fulfils an important role in the EU, UN and NATO. It was the world’s first industrialized country. Its economy remains one of the largest, but it has, for many years, been based on service industries rather than on manufacturing. It is one of the favorite destinations when it comes to studying abroad.

The islands comprising the United Kingdom  include the countries of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Every year, many students travel from around the world to study in the UK. There are more than 3,000 educational institutions that welcome international students in the UK.

UK has some of the world’s finest universities; these universities offer an array of programs to choose from. A variety of specializations means a student is able to find a course that suits his interests, ambitions and passions. UK degrees take only three years and postgraduate Master’s courses only one year, as compared to four years and two years in most other countries. This means students save a great deal on both tuition fees and living costs.

The courses are shorter & more intensive, and therefore more efficient in terms of time and money. Students can choose from a variety of routes through the education and training system, combining different types of courses according to your needs and abilities. Many courses can also be taken through distance learning in a student’s home country.