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Study Abroad UG or PG

Study Abroad UG or PG – Ms. Suchitra Surve answers the most common concern of students and parents that is whether to go study abroad. People irrespective of the background aspire to study abroad due to various reasons like international exposure, faculties, quality of education, teaching experience, learning methodologies, intercultural exposure and interacting with best minds across the countries or world. But which is a better option to Study Abroad Undergraduate or Postgraduate? The first thing that one needs to consider is the kind of course, major, or specialization taken is available abroad then one can think of going for abroad studies. Second consideration is the finance as that is the biggest part of studying abroad. Thirdly it is the emotional maturity of the students or individual. If the answer for these three things is Yes then one can consider studying abroad at undergraduate level. But if one cannot afford the finance right now and want to clear the basics in the ones respective country, then one can consider studying abroad at post graduation level. Both the options are available one just need to think from the three aspects mentioned.

The second question which is in the mind is should International board students go for Undergraduates Studies Abroad? With the entrance of many boards especially International board, the aspiration of students to go abroad is high. But still parents have the dilemma whether to go abroad after class 12th or wait until they mature a little or after completing graduation in India. Studying in an international board gives the exposure not to the curriculum but also the methodology that is use which helps you understand the curriculum at the undergraduate level better and one is better prepared to face the demands of the course. If the electives are available then yes and also if you want to be in the main stream and the methodology of studying and teaching pattern abroad and you have decided that you are going stay abroad then earlier the better. So if one is looking at the international education then yes it is recommended to go abroad and study as it will help to get the right skills and one is use to the subject the methodology but do note that it is not a hard and fast rule. Another major concern is; are there job opportunities in India for students who have studied abroad? If you have are able to show or use the skills, knowledge and the experience that you have got in abroad. If you can put all these three things together and impress the recruiter then there will be many opportunities available. Get ready to take off then whether it is UG or PG think about the parameters which we have suggested.