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Social Skills

Social Skills – In continuation with the series on soft skills and careers, in this episode Ms. Suchitra Surve talks on the most important and sought after skills today even in corporate and careers. One skill which should be easy to us as it is said Humans are social beings. Social skills should come very naturally to us but what we see today is social skills are the only skills that are most difficult skills for most of the teenagers and individuals. So, in this episode we will discuss and talk about social skills.

Is social skill an ability to talk to people, socialize, attend party have fun? It is everything. What we are talking about is the ability to talk to people, interact with people and connect with them. This is what social skills are; it is just not about having conversational skills or empathy. It’s a combination of both Somebody might ask why do I need social skills. We are social human beings, we live in a society, we are all inter connected for better relationships, better opportunities better peace of mind and happiness social skills are inevitable.

How do you know whether you have or don’t have social skills?

  • Do you feels feel the need to leave the conversation in a hurry?
  • Do you have trouble maintaining eye contact when talking with others?
  • Do you smile too less because of nervousness or sometimes too much?
  • Do you slouch? Keep your head down?
  • Do you speak softly or too fast?
  • Do you cross my arms and legs?

If you have say yes for more than two of the above sentences then definitely you have certain issues regarding social skills. So, let’s understand why we shy away. Obviously one of the biggest reasons is excessive anxiety about speaking and consciousness of self. Why does this happens? May be because we have fear of being judged and fear of ridicule or even making mistakes but the biggest is what will the people say about me? These are the issues that generally stop us from being social.

To a quick way to overcome this obstacle, first identify what are you avoiding once you have identified that rank the situation and the anxiety. Try to figure out what will be the worst that will happen. Next is predict, how long will you be anxious and what will happen next. Once that is done try to figure out your safety behaviours which means what are the kind of things you do or avoid and then try and eliminate them and the last will be practice. Remind yourself of the rational responses that you can give.

Once you have made the right contact. It is important that you also make the first impression. Maintain eye contact and maintain smile, keep a positive attitude and maintain your energy and be approachable. Once you show this signs it is easier for the other person to come and talk to you. Once that happens breaking the ice and taking the conversation ahead is much easier. To increase the social skills it is important that you really socialize and take participation in any of the social events. One of the most important aspects of the social skill is thinking before speaking. So, think and speak, adapt yourself to the situation to make the conversation impactful and long lasting. Once you’re done this you would be more social people will be looking forward to meet you and interact with you. Thus ensuring you have the right kind of life, lifestyle people and further opportunities