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Singaporean Education System Growth Centre December 12th, 2017
Singaporean Education System

Education System In Singapore

World-renowned Singaporean Education System caters to every student’s need to help them achieve their fullest potential. A number of colleges and institutions around the world have praised Singapore’s education system as being one of the best in the world. In Singapore, international students have an opportunity to have good academic excellence and also be part of a global community.

Singaporean Education System has both local and foreign universities and institutions which offer world recognized courses to students. These universities and colleges offer various courses right from Management to Biotechnology, Mass Communication to Jewelry Design, Interior Designing; Singapore has it all.

Universities in Singaporean Education System have several intakes throughout the year. So the admission can be taken into the intake that is convenient for the student. The main language of instruction is English; Singapore’s education system has been described as “worlds-leading” education system.

The institutes adhere to national education guidelines, set by the Singapore government in order to operate.  The key regulatory requirement for these companies being that all private organizations or establishments providing education must register either with the Ministry of Education (MOE) or Council for Private Education (CPE), depending on the type of education establishment.

More Information on Singaporean Education System

Singapore has an Excellent Quality Education Framework in place. It consists of two key initiatives:

Singapore Quality Class

The scheme serves to recognize private education institutes that have attained a commendable level of performance in their journey to business excellence as per the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) framework  and also the process of student visa applications submitted by SQC certified educational institutes is expedited.

EduTrust Certification

EduTrust certification must be obtained before international students can get enrolled. Private education institutes can get financial support and assistance for EduTrust certification under a new EduTrust Support Scheme (ESS). The ESS provides a grant of up to S$26,500 to eligible institutes that are interested in upgrading their capabilities.

Institutes in Singapore usually fall under two broad categories:

  • Private Schools
  • Public Schools

Higher Education is provided by:


The pre-university centres of Singapore are designed for students who wish to pursue a university degree after two to three years of pre-university education, rather than stopping after polytechnic post-secondary education.

Junior college

Junior colleges were initially designed to offer an accelerated alternative to the traditional three-year programme, but in recent years the two-year programs have become more popular with students pursuing university education.

Diploma and Vocational Education Institutes


Polytechnics in Singapore provide 3-year diploma courses. They accept students based on their GCE “O” level, GCE “A” level or Institute of Technical Education (ITE) results.

Unlike polytechnics in some other countries, they do not offer degree courses. However polytechnics have been actively working with many foreign universities to provide their graduates a chance to study niche university courses locally.

For example, Ngee Ann Polytechnic has engaged with Chapman University in the US to provide a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Producing for graduates of the School’s Film and Media Studies department. Nanyang Polytechnic, likewise, has tied up with the University of Stirling in Scotland to provide a course in Retail Marketing.

Institute of Technical Education:

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) accepts students based on their GCE “O” level or GCE “N” level results and they provide 2-year courses leading to a locally recognized “National ITE Certificate”.

There are 10 ITE Colleges in Singapore. A few ITE graduates continue their education at polytechnics and universities.

Singapore’s Universities

Singapore’s university education aspires to prepare students not only for today’s world but also prepare students for a world where there will be challenges not yet foreseen.

Being autonomous, these universities can chart their own destiny, differentiate themselves and pursue new heights of excellence in education, research and service, whilst receiving substantial government funding.