What is Psychology?

    The word Psychology comes from the ancient Greek word “Psyche” which means the “soul” or “mind” and logos which means “study”. Thus the study of psychology involves the study of mind. It is the study of perception memory, emotions, motives and attitudes. Over the years, many psychologists and scientists have tried to unveil the secrets of the human mind.

    Areas of Specialisation

    • Educational Psychology
    • Social Psychology
    • Counseling Psychology
    • Industrial Psychology
    • Clinical Psychology

    When Can I Enroll for Psychology Career?





    BA /B. Sc [Psychology/ Psychotherapy] / B.H. Sc [Human Development]

    HSC [Any Stream]

    HSC [Science – for Home Science in some Universities]

    3 Yrs.

    No Exam

    MA/M Sc/ M.H. Sc

    [Psychology/ Psychotherapy]

    BA/B. Sc [Psychology/ Psychotherapy] / B.H. Sc [Human Development]/ BSW

    2 Yrs.

    Autonomous Exam

    P.G. Diploma [Counseling / Guidance & Counseling / Vocational & Rehabilitation Counseling/ Medical & Social Psychology]

    Graduate [any stream]/BA /B. Sc/ B.H. Sc/ BSW/ BHMS/ B. Ed. / MA/ M Sc [Human Development/ Psychology/ Psychotherapy]

    1-2 Yrs.

    Autonomous Exam

    Ph. D.

    MA/ M. Sc/ M.H. Sc/ M. Phil [Psychology & related field]

    5-7 Yrs.

    Autonomous Exam

    What Personality Traits Are Required in Psychology Field?

    • Ability to deal effectively with people
    • Ability to lead and inspire others
    • Ability to work independently
    • Emotional stability and maturity
    • Excellent observation and listening skills
    • Patience and perseverance
    • Sensitivity and compassion

    What Aptitude Is Required to Become a Psychologist?

    • Above Average Abstract Reasoning
    • Above Average Closure Ability
    • Average Numerical Ability
    • Above Average Verbal Ability

    IQ Required for Being a Psychologist?

    Minimum Above Average intelligence along with hard work & consistency is preferred.

    Job Prospects for a Psychologist

    • Community Health Centers or Clinics
    • Consultancy Firms
    • Counseling & Guidance Organizations
    • Defence Services
    • Educational/Vocational Guidance Firms
    • Government Social Welfare Department
    • Helplines
    • Hospitals/ Industries
    • Market Research Organisations
    • Mental Asylums
    • Mental Health Organisations
    • NGO’s
    • Web portals