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Presentation Skills

In this episode, Ms. Suchitra Surve talks about the tips to enhance presentation skills. Now, Presentation is not confined to schools, colleges or Postgraduate programs. Even as working professionals require good presentation skills. Presentation skill will be required to sell, convey, convince or inform about the work a company or organization does. To overcome the stage fear or talking in front of people you need to focus on the content such as is the content presented well, is it audible, understandable and simple. This helps in making the presentation is far easier. While making the presentation focus on the content, fonts and keep it as simple as possible. Ensure the slide is able to convey what you want to say. A slide is there to support you and not replace you. Don’t read everything that is mentioned on the slide or put everything that you want to say on the slide. Ensure that the audience is engaged and involved with you and listening to you. Prepare well for the presentation skills.

For organizational presentation focus on your services, products and facts as that will make the presentation different. One of the key aspects while presenting is how you present which involves your body language, diction, and accent language proficiency and confidence. For ensuring that you have a proper body language practice is essential. Record yourself and see how you are presenting, practice in front of the mirror, or in front of your friend who can give the right feedback to make the right changes. For Language proficiency or diction only way is to practice. Speak record, hear, listen and change. Listen to people who are good orators. Find what is mesmerizing about them. Try to imbibe but don’t imitate them as presentation should be your unique self and your identity. If your homework is right or content is right you need not to get nervous. Don’t by heart the content, know the content by heart simply put understand the concept, know your audience and accordingly prepare your content. Most important while presenting is the duration is another factor. To long presentation may make people bore or wait for the other speaker and that’s the beginning you might fail at the first go but don’t lose heart and don’t give up. Keep on practicing and keep on trying and grab every opportunity you get to present in front of people.