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Pet Grooming

Ms. Mugdha Shetye talks about an offbeat career pet grooming. Pet groomers work with animals and helps in improving their hygiene and appearance. Becoming a pet groomer allows you to work with animals and provide valuable service to pet owners. There is no standard formal education for pet groomers but knowledge about animals is a must. New groomers need to work under experienced groomers. One also needs to learn about facets of animal behavior. New groomers are taught about how to safely handle pets; brush, trim, bathe, style animal coats and clip nails and also provide other maintenance services. To become a successful pet groomer besides getting trained one must have certain skill sets like love for animals, aware about pet psychology, Physical strength as one may have to lift the animals, patience and stamina and communication skills. Pet groomers can work in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, NGO’s, kennels or pet supply stores. One can also wok as a pet behavior counselor, have their open business by opening up a salon or parlor. One can also start boarding services for pets as pet owners often look for as safe and hygienic environment to leave their pets when they go out of town. Training of animal grooming is also one of the option. One can also join PETA.