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Parent are the First Teachers!

I was in search of a good organization which provided parental guidance in Mumbai, when my friend suggested about Growth Centre, who has had a very good experience with them earlier. After receiving excellent assistance from Growth Centre, I can confidently say that this is one of the most beneficial sessions I have attended. I wish I had come here earlier.” – Happy Parent

Parenting can be a 24X7 duty, where appraisals and increments cannot be expected.

As someone once said “The trouble with learning to parent on the job is that your child is the teacher.”

Parenting Skills

  • It’s not only children who grow; parents grow with their children too. With the increasing media invasion through advertisements aimed at our children, the parents are always left with a feeling if there is anything more than they could do to get positively involved in their child’s development.
  • Whatever age group their children may belong to, Parents are forever torn between the crucial decision-making to provide what the children ‘want’ and what the children ‘need’. Such ambiguity and indecisiveness in parenting skills can be encountered at any stage of upbringing; pre teen, adolescence and even after that.
  • Parenting demands for the ability to play different roles at the same time. You have to be well equipped with the basics like discipline, homework help, how to talk to your child about tough subjects, like sex & substance abuse etc.

Our one to one and group sessions with parents become a safe haven intending to provide practical tips and do’s and don’ts while aiming to build a two-way communication method with their children. Thus help in laying the essential stepping stones to a long term healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with their children.

Because, as much as the kids need their parents, the parents need their kids too!

Parenting, First Teachers – Best Organisation Which Provided Parental Guidance in Mumbai

Parenting, First Teachers - Best Organisation Which Provided Parental Guidance in Mumbai