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Paramedical Career Options

Many students want to pursue career in medicine but are scared to see blood or are not ready to take knife in the hand but are still keen to pursue something in medical. For them the area to be considered can be Paramedical. Swati Salunkhe talks about the field which runs hand in hand with the medical field that is paramedical. Paramedical is the field parallel to the medical field, which goes hand in hand with the medical field but no seeing blood or surgery. It handles emergency situations and deals with difference types of aliments in different manner. Paramedical fields include Physiotherapy (BPT), Occupation Therapy, Optometry, Naturopathy and Yogic Science, Audiology and Speech, Operation Theatre, Nursing, medical technology in X- ray, Medical Technology in Radiography, Medical Laboratory Technology, Ophthalmic Technology. These are the basic bachelor’s courses. There is also diploma or certification programs were in one can work as a technician or assisting the Doctors or paramedical professionals. The diploma courses include Medical laboratory technicians, Operation theatre assistant, emergency and trauma care, Cardiology technician, Dialysis technician, and Optometry technician. To undergo these courses one needs to have science background with physics, chemistry, biology and English as your main subjects. The professionals can work in hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, Rehabilitation centers, Diagnostic centers. With the advent of technology doctors are available on call on through internet the professionals can come to your home and give you the required services. Along with the qualifications major skill sets required to be in the field are eye for detail, critical thinking, analytical thinking, patience, and problem solving. One also needs to have clarity in the concepts and be technosavy with continuous up gradation with the advancements coming in the field.