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New Career Myths & Facts


As new careers evolve, the myths regarding careers also are re-generated. So, today, let’s explore some myths prevailing and the facts around it.

  1. Chef means my kid would work as waiter
    • a. A chef‘s is expected to be in the kitchen and focused on cooking and innovating recipes.
  2. My kid is good at argument/ no one win in arguments with my kid so career Law would be best suitable option
    • a. In fact, what one requires is the understanding and interpretation of law and patience and reasoning ability to help out clients.
  3. Only Management career yield to good salary packages.
    • a. Salary packages depend on the skills and talent of an individual and it is not confined to any specific field as there are many fields that offer salaries more that Management. In management field also, it’s not just the degree only, but the individual’s capabilities that reap the rewards.
  4. Teaching has no scope at all, its one profession chosen due to lack of opportunities.
    • a. This may have been the case, but now more and more youngsters are taking up this profession by choice. One more aspect we need to know, that teaching is not limited to only schools, now there are many professional and vocational courses also which require professionals to teach.
  5. Arts stream meant for girls only.
    • a. The number of girls taking up arts and humanities has always exceeded the boys, but by no means, it is just for girls. The broader and promising career options that open after graduating in this field is definitely attracting more number of boys to this field.
  6. I love helping people so I am planning to consider social work as career option
    • a. Helping people is one of the aims of this career; but not limited to it. There are various ways in which one can help directly or indirectly – by innovating a technology to reduce problems or assisting in day-to-day activities or even offering support to people who are directly involved in work related to supporting others.
  7. Traveling is fun so I should consider travel and tourism as a career option
    • a. Unless you plan to become a travel escort / guide, most travel related jobs are back-end jobs. Even as a travel guide, you will be responsible for the passengers and ensuring that their trip is safe and is completed as per schedule. There are many job profiles in many sectors [other than travel & tourism] that involve travelling but its not necessarily about sight-seeing. You may get time off during travel to explore the place that you visit and that if it’s a different place every time.
  8. Handling computer effectively ensures that one can become a successful computer or IT engineering professional.
    • a. Handling a computer doesn’t make anyone eligible to become a computer professional. Becoming a computer professional requires a different skill set like analysis, logic, readiness to upgrade continuously, problem solving and so on.
  9. I can give good solution to my friends who are in trouble so I can become very good counselor
    • a. Counselor requires not only understanding of people but also objectivity, solution orientation, communication skills, emotional stability, and unbiased attitude.
  10. I am good looking / smart so I wish to become an actress or model.
    • a. Working in front of the camera requires more than just good looks. Good understanding of emotions, scenes, and acting techniques, strong memory [to memorize lines], camera presence and friendliness and discipline and emotional resilience to survive stiff competition.