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Living & Working In UK Growth Centre December 12th, 2017
Living & Working In UK

Living & Working In UK

Whether you are going to the UK for the first time for a short period or you have visited before, the experience of living in a different culture is a real challenge. It can be exciting, fun and life-changing.

However you must consider the fact that you will face a different world there and YOU must be prepared for it.   What to expect in UK?  – An absolutely viable question, as you will be spending about 1-3 years of your life there. Given below are a few things you would experience as an international student:


Many international students feel homesick at times, when they are abroad. A good way to fight homesickness is to share the ‘ups’ and the ‘downs’ with other international students, as they will really understand. It will make you feel a lot better.

Cultural Shock

This is a reaction to the experience of moving to another culture. A few temporary symptoms of culture shock could be – things like the food, the weather, different social behaviour, and the rules and systems in the UK may make you feel uncomfortable, unhappy or unwell at times.

Speak to the International Student Office if you have questions about things that are different from what you are used to back home. You can help yourself cope with the differences in the food and weather too. For e.g. when the weather is bad, you could arrange fun activities with friends to keep feeling positive.

Religious practices

Britain is a multi-cultural and multi-faith society.  There are laws in place to protect your rights to religious observances

Get to know the natives

The British have a reputation for being reserved and this can be true to a certain extent. But don’t be put off! Try starting a conversation with a classmate or make a comment about the weather to someone next to you in the bus queue and see where it leads you.


The British people are known to be great believers in punctuality, and it is considered improper to be late for an appointment, a tutorial or even a social gathering. It is considered good manners to contact the person you are meeting and explain, if you are going to be unavoidably delayed for the event.

Working Part-time in UK

As an international student in the UK you may be eligible to work alongside your studies, depending on your immigration status. Students could look out for part-time jobs by looking in the local newspapers and job shops

Most UK universities / institutes have a career cell to help connect you to work opportunities. Many of them also have partnerships with local employers who want students to work for them. The career service office will typically provide a wide range of help and support, including:

  • Access to job adverts
  • Help with writing CVs and job applications
  • Tips on preparing for interviews
  • Information about what it’s like to work in the UK
  • Information about the employment rules

They will also guide you get first-hand experience of the workplace, consider career choices and make professional contacts. However please note that students are not guaranteed part time employment by the university.

Part time work opportunities
  • Students can work up to 20 hours a week during term time and full time during vacations.
  • Students can earn anywhere in between £5 – £7 per hour i.e. approx. £400 – £560 per month (Rs. 30000 – Rs. 42000) during term.

* Students who are going for six months or less, need permission to work from the Entry Clearance Officer.