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What is Disc Jockey, Video Jockey, Radio Jockey?

DJs, VJs, and RJs are stars in their own right. In the last six or seven years – media hype, a boom in the entertainment industry, and overexposure of the glamorous side of jockeying have gained recognition.


Radio Jockeys (RJs) work with radio stations, selecting music to be broadcast. They play music for the entertainment of listeners. The role of a radio jockey is not restricted to playing music. Conducting interviews with celebrities and moderating group discussions also form a part of their responsibilities.


Video Jockeys have to be photogenic, with good screen presence. They are the professionals in the production team, who put the program together, mainly do this job. Video Jockey is more visual, with lots of help from backstage, involving good knowledge of music.


A club disc jockey (or a DJ as is commonly called) is an individual who selects and plays pre-recorded music for an intended audience usually in a club setting, a neighborhood party or even a discotheque.


To become RJs/VJs/DJs, no particular educational qualification is required. This field is talent based, but a background in theatre can be of big help.

When Can I Enroll for a Career in Disc/Video/Radio Jockey?

  • Intensive knowledge of music
  • Ability to Handle Pressure
  • Ability of Handling Deadlines
  • Stamina to work long hours Freaky sense of humor
  • Good voice with modulation skills
  • Speed of response
  • Spontaneity
  • Technical knowledge of mixing & handling the console
  • Presence of mind
  • Alertness
  • Cheerful and light hearted
  • Pleasing personality
  • Enthusiastic
  • Optimistic approach to life
  • Persistence/Patience Resilience
  • Clear diction & accurate pronunciation

What Aptitudes Are Required for Disc/Video/Radio Jockey?

  • Above Average to High Abstract Reasoning
  • Above Average to High Verbal Reasoning

IQ Required for Disc/Video/Radio Jockey?

Minimum Average Intelligence with hard work and consistency is preferred

Job Prospects for Disc/Video/Radio Jockey?

  • Discotheque/Night clubs
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Music stores/Radio stations
  • TV Productions houses/Comparing live shows and events
  • Freelancers.

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