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Jewellery Designing

Jewellery Designing – In this episode, Ms. Swati Salunkhe talks about a career in jewellery designing. Designing is the field which many students want to choose as their career options. It is the field which requires no introduction as jewellery has been part and parcel of every civilization.

Culturally and traditionally jewels have always been in demand and hence comes a new rise in employment opportunity which is jewellery designing. Jewellery designing as a profession has always been a forte of certain family businesses but with globalization and import and export opportunities the entire world has been a market place and young and fresh talent is also absorbed in the industry.

Jewellery designing is all about designing jewels, a different form of ornaments with the help of various stones, metals, jewels, gold or silver. It has attracted a lot of creative minds too. It is one field which calls for innovation and creativity with every new design. Learning designing takes from six months to two or three years. It can be in the form of a certificate course, a diploma, bachelors or post graduation degree.

Designing is not restricted to traditional households it is big gamete of activities and many professionals are involved. Apart from the designing skills, creativity and innovation, you need to be a keen observer about various traditions, culture, ethnic group, and global demand and have strong eye for detail is a must and strong hand motor coordination, what colour combinations can go for a jewellery be it for earrings, nose ring o a crown or bangles.

Many students think jewellery designing will not include any studies but you should not be under such a wrong impression. Theory and practical work is part and parcel of this course too. Practical work includes the soft hand design on various small and articulate ornaments. Designing of ornament can be for children or adults.

If you have eye for detail, innovate and create then designing can be the field for you. Along with this, you need to have the ability to work with tools and materials, sense of designs, awareness about market trends and artistic talents and appreciation of colours. All this form a wholesome package to become a jewellery designer.

Job prospects are available in Export houses, Jewellery designing houses, Educational institutes, and fashion houses, boutiques, jewellery showrooms, merchandisers and can work as freelance designers.