Jewellery Designing

    What is Jewellery Designing?

    Jewellery designing is the art of creating patterns for rings, bangles, necklaces, anklets, nose rings, earrings, waist bands, etc using metals like gold, silver, platinum and stones such as diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, crystals and many more. A career in jewellery designing begins with a basic knowledge of gemstones, design forms and cultural prototypes. After this, a designer can add his or her own style and imagination to craft ornaments of exquisite patterns, which would complement the features they were meant to embellish.

    When Can I Enroll for Jewellery Designing?




    Introduction to Basic Jewellery Making


    80 sessions

    Computer Aided Jewellery Design & Manufacturing


    60 sessions

    Diploma Course in Jewellery Design


    6 Months

    Advance diploma in Jewellery design


    1 Year

    Post graduate diploma in Jewellery management

    Graduation/ Equivalent

    1 Year

    NOTE: The selection process will consist of a personal interview or telephonic interviews for outstation students.

    What Personality Traits are Required to Become a Jewellery Designer?

    • Creative
    • Appreciation of Colors
    • Ability to Work with Tools & Materials
    • Sense of Design

    • Aware of Market Trends
    • Presentation Skills
    • Artistic talent
    • Ability to work with tools & materials

    What Aptitude Is Required to Become a Jewellery Designer?

    • Above Average Abstract Reasoning
    • Above Average Spatial Reasoning
    • High Closure Ability

    • High Psychomotor Ability
    • Average High Numerical Ability

    IQ Required for Being a Jewellery Designer?

    Minimum Average range of Intelligence with hard work & consistency preferred.
    (More than intelligence level, creativity & innovation play a vital role.)

    Job Prospects in Jewellery Designing

    • Export House
    • Fashion House / Boutiques
    • Freelance designing
    • Jewellery Designing House
    • Educational Institutes

    • Freelance Designing
    • Jewellery Showrooms
    • Entrepreneurial Opportunities
    • Merchandisers